W1. What’s you favourite animal?
Panda- and Koala bears sometime I call the last one "Hustensaftpisser".

W2. What’s your favourite colour?
Dirty green and black, just like parts of this page. And also pirate black.

W3. Your favourite salad dressing?
Depending upon mood

W4. Your lucky number?
13, sometimes 23

W5. Your favourite movie?
I don’t have one.... I like movies that let you think about.

W6. Your favourite resort?
Oh there are some, but I don’t tell it. I don’t like to meet there peoples I know, so I could better chill-out.

W7. Your favourite food?
check my cookbook :-)

W8. Your favourite day in the week
Friday and we all know why.

W9. Your favourite TV-series?
Star Trek, MASH and some others

W10. Your favourite tooth paste?
Damned, some years ago, I had a good one. Don’t know the name but it taste really good. White case and bright green paste.

W11. Do you have a favourite flower?
No not really

W12. Your favourite sport?
I do not practice sports at all.

W13. Your favourite fast food restaurant?
BK and KFC

W14. Your favourite pub or discotheque?
Hard Rock Cafe, in Bremen Meisenfrei and in London the Electric Ballroom

W15. What’s your favourite drink?
Limos: Afri Cola, Schweppes Cola, Coca Cola, Lipton Ice Tea
Tea: Earl Gray
Alcohol: Hard Rock Cafe Ice Tea (also known as Long island ice tea)

W16. Who’s your favourite person to shop?
Me, Myself and I. No, not really, but if I know what I want that is the best way. I also sometimes enjoy to go shopping with friends, and that could take hours!

W17. Who’s your favourite person to talk to about opposite sex?
Some good friends not only boys.

W18. Who’s your favourite person to talk to about life?
there are some persons.

W19. What’s your favourite number?
Check my lucky numbers :-)

W20. What’s your dream car?
AM General Hummer, the first one, in black as pick-up or van. A cheap Toyota all-terrain or a original Willy.

W21. What’s your favourite school subject?
the break

W22. What’s your least favourite school subject?
there are so many

W23. What’s your favourite Board Game?
D1 Mission and Hero Quest. Yeah I know... they are unknown and old.

W24. What’s your favourite magazine?
Stern, C’t, Photographie and FHM

W25. What’s your favourite cuddly toy?
Ruud Gullit, a small green something.

W26. What’s your favourite movie?
except Star Trek? Uh some.... Aeonflux, Apocalypse Now Redux, Leon, Gates of Avalon...

W27. What’s your favourite TV show?
M*A*S*H, Cheers, Star Trek, Weeds, Dead like me...

W28. What’s your favourite song?
I don’t have one

W29. What’s your favourite singer/band?
ZZ Top, Aerosmith.... there are so many.

W30. What’s your favourite book?
"Eine Lektion in sachen liebe" it’s a Star Trek pocketbook. It is a very funny one, and it remind me of some good moments.

W31. What’s your favourite store?
Andere Welten in Hamburg, Germany... Elizium in London

W32. What's your favourite restaurant?
nearly every Hard Rock Cafe, Poco Loco and some others

W33. Where is your favourite hangout?
The Cheers in London or Hard Rock Cafes and there are some hidden place I won’t tell.

W34. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
Amarena, Stracciatella and Chocolate

W35. What's your favourite Food?
Food that is handmade food and done with the help of friends...

W36. What's your favourite kind of clothes?
Black. E.g. cargos and t-shirts with prints on it