F1. Did you already fall in love?
Yeah, more than one time.

F2. Do you have a relationship at the moment?
No, but if you are interested... drop me a mail.

F3. Kissed a guy / girl?
no / yes

F4. Given or received oral sex?
There are questions I never answer :-p

F5. What celebrity woman would you sleep with?
Look at "With which celebrity would you drive on a lonely island?", not with all but with some of them.

F6. What celebrity guy would you sleep with?
Guy? No thanks... but if you point a gun on my head I would have to think about it.

F7. Cheated on someone?
No, but I was cheated :-/

F8. Played strip poker?
Hehe, hell yeah!

F9. Are you ready for it?
What exactly is 'IT' ? As a boy scout I am always ready for anything.

F10. Had an online relationship?

F11. Said I love you and meant it (not to your family)?

F12. Have you ever been hurt by a girl you loved?
Yes and it damned hurts

F13. Have you ever let a friend cry on your shoulders?
Yeah, more than one time.

F14. What do you look for in a girlfriend?
Good sense of humour, intelligent, relatively same interests as me and she has to be loopy (in nearly all meanings of this word).

F15. How many people are on your buddy list?
IRL or online? I never count it but both are big lists.

F16. Do you want to get married?
Maybe if there is the right one...

F17. What's something you do that pisses off your friends?
If I got pissed of I become a black hole in anyway of communication.

F18. What have friends to do to piss you off?
Just be a pain in my neck.

F19. Who do you miss?
Every good friend I didn’t saw for a long time

F20. Who is the nicest friend you know?
No comment...

F21. Who would you die for?
For my girlfriend, if I had one :-/ Or for someone who is be worth its price from my point of view.

F22. Who do you want to marry?
Look at F21

F23. If you could kiss anyone you've wanted to kiss forever who would it be?
Check F21

F24. Person(s) you would kill if you could get away with it?
Uh uh... there are so many...

F25. Did you ever saw a movie with a girlfriend?
Yes, and only she (and I) knows why I had to see this film again to know what happen in it :-)

F26. Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?

F27. Who is your best friend?
There is more than one.

F28. Who's the one person that knows most about you?
Oh I hope that no one knows to much about me..... it could be dangerous.

F28. What's the best advice that anyone has ever given to you?
Learn what ever you can and always try things you have never done before.

F29. Who's your longest known friend?

F30. Who's your newest friend?
The guys here in London.

F31. Have you ever thought of having sex with a friend?
Only with girlfriends... hmmm, yepp only.

F32. Do you trust others easily?

F33. Name one person who's arms you feel safe in:
No way.... If I tell it I wouldn’t feel save anymore.

F34. Do you consider love a mistake?

F35. What do you find romantic?
A candlelit dinner for two. Fare away from any other person. On a warm night, under a starry sky. I know it is a cliché, but it is true.
Candles are always good. A bathtub framed by with candles could also be nice... and also some other things. Hey you always need something to surprise someone :-)

F36. What turns you on?
Oh hell..... there are some things.

F37. What turns you off?
I don’t know who has that stupid idea to wear Flip Flops somewhere else than a beach....

F38. If someone you had no interest in, had interest in dating you how would you feel?
I would say it to her/him.... but maybe I would change my mind after a chat. Sometimes the first impression could be wrong.

F39. Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or going?
A blind date is also fascinating.

F40. Any secret fetishes?
Let me ask you something. Don’t you have some, too?

F41. Do you like to wear chains?
Depends on why and who hog-tie me and I know at least one who would be allowed to do it.

F42. Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?
I don’t think so.

F43. What is best about the opposite sex?
That it is so different

F44. What is the worst thing about the opposite sex?
The same.... it is so different

F45. If you were another person, would you be friend with you?
Hmmm, depends on who I would be.

F46. Are you a loner?

F47. What is the compliment you get from most people?
"you are so helpful" ... could I be something else?

F48. Do you like biting?

F49. Do you masturbate?
How did this question came into this list?

F50. Do you watch pornography?

F51. Does pain turn you on?
Let’s say that a headache or the pain of a broken leg isn’t the right kind of pain.

F52. Do you like meeting new people?
Only if it is the right situation... but normally, yes.