I don't know where else I could place this stuff, so I made a new site for it...

... here you can find some more or less interesting web-sites which I visit from time to time.
So think about it more as a bookmark list for myself then for somebody else :-p

At the moment of adding this websites to my link list they had only leagal content. I am not responsible for that websites you could reach with the following links. If you find something suspicious, please let me know. I will then remove the link ASAP.

Blogs about Design and modern toys:
Yeah I know. I always say that I am not interested in fashon... but design is something different!

Blogs about London:

Other Blogs:
  • fefe - a blog about anything but the main stream news (german)

Pages that are simply interesting in general:
  • Zefrank - Custom made songs on request

You Tube:

Podcasts and Videocasts:
  • Epic-Fu - Overview about what’s going on in the web.
  • Maholodaily - Basically 3 different types of videocasts in one.
  • Geekbrief - Short 5 minutes videos about new geeky toys.

Other useful stuff