Sightseeing (english)

Traffic jam on the Thames

Just to let you know what’s going on here.

Wind generator

In front of Sainsbury are two wind generators. They replaced the old ones with two new ones. Maybe I find also a picture of the old ones somewhen.

High tide

From time to time I am reporting from weather phenomena like fog, rain, storm or other things. And somehow high tide is also part of it.
So this is what happens if the Themes is a bit to high.

Ruin in Camden, after the fire

As I expected, the "great fire of Camden 2008" destroyed not everything of the so called Camden Market.
Bad enough the Channel Market is destroyed and all the buildings to the main street. I took some pictures and made a panorama view out of it to let you see what happen there.
If you right click the pictures and then click on "Open Picture in a new Window" you could see them bigger.
camden ruins 1
Shot from the channel bridge to the ruins.
camden ruins 2
A shoot down into the Channel Market
camden ruins 3
And a close up shoot down of the Channel Market
camden ruins 2
Finally the starting point? (taken from below the railway bridge).

The press wrote that the fire cost a lot of jobs, if you know how many little shops are involved into the fire... shit happen. :-(

Here the Link to the BBC.
To sum it up: 300 jobs involved, more than 100 Fire fighters took 3 Hours to bring the fire under control!

EDIT 2008-02-20: Some more BBC Links.
10. Feb Source of market blaze identified
10. Feb Camden traders count the cost
13. Feb Market owners to set up fire fund
15. Feb Camden Market reopens after fire

Schlachte Zauber

Here we have a picture from the “Schlachte Zauber“, which is a historic christmas market in Beckstown. The market is only build for the time from the first advent to christmas. You can get some strange stuff there, but also things you can not buy that easy while the rest of the year.
The Schlachte is a part of the river Weser where, long time ago in the mediaeval times, the ships had been loaded an unloaded. Nowadays it is the area where you can find all the popular Bars and Restaurants. While summer it is pretty hard to find a spare seat. This is because you have sun all the time from dawn till dusk... OK if there is sun :-)

Schnee mit Raureif

As you can see here we had a little bit of snow and glazed frost in Beckstown.