School (english)

Report done

Unfortunately I cannot submit my Report as a plain PDF file or something so I had to fly to London and to spend some time there. Every regular reader knows how disappointed I was to come back to London ;-)

No serious there is something I didn’t expected. My pizza dealer on the Stables market in Camden Town, closed his shop. He told me that, but I expected that only he quits. Hmmm... one of the reasons for him was the building site there. I checked the pizzeria, but.... you know.... It’s not the same.

What else? I spend 200 quid in the local binding store for all my documents. I also wanted to have some additional prints for myself. That’s why it was so expensive. Compared to a friend of mine who spend 35 euro (28 quid) for more than 1000 pages, in Germany, that was fuing expensive! So nobody should expect that studying in London is cheap.
But I was able to hand in my report on time. A fellow student, who is working there, told me that next week will be somethings like a hell week again. All the MSc students will come and want to have print outs on the same day. Possible one week before, but not in the last week before the hand in date. And as every year, it will be a total surprise for all the students. I still cannot understand why none of them is trying to get information about a possible problem like that before.

So that’s it for now. I need a little bit of sleep before I have to surprise some friends.

Sitting at the university...

Ah crap! No not at the LSBU, sitting in Beckstown and doing the writing for the MSc project.
It is just in the good old times before going to London. Sitting here and doing stuff for the university until the building is closing and you are thrown out. I don’t know why, but I’m doing something here. Not like at home where I’m just sitting lazy on the sofa.
I could think about a lot of things that I would like to do now, but that report has to be finished. So don’t cry for me Arge... Hmpf anyway. I want to go back, and I want to finish this crap even more to do thinks I like to do.
Theory is good by practical stuff is even better!

The Exams are over!

Let the fun begin. The exams are over... by the way since the 3rd... and now lets focus on my project.
To be honest I didn’t liked the exams time. It was everything, but fun. Not like previous exam times... more the feeling that it is useless. Whatever what has to be done, has to be done.
So and now I can do what I like. I have a project in an area which I like, not only that it is something that I would do anyway.
And getting marks for something you enjoy... hey come on. What could be better?

Points for the style

OK blocking fire doors is normal everywhere. Not the best idea, but it is normal. In this case they should at least become some points for the style... and somehow the fire protection is still given, or not?

A normal Monday morning

I really can not understand why just a few students show up o attend the lectures. Ok this lecture is at 9 am and on a Monday, but hey most of the Students in our course are Fulltime. At least that's what they say. So bad for you lovely fellow students, to hear. We had several assignments already.
Only a few students
Maybe that is one of the reason why this is the last course of this kind. This course will be closed after we finish.

Good bye and thank you for the fish... ähm lessons!

So long and good bye!

You are leaving. That maybe good for you, but what is with the students?
You have been the only lecturer who had the guts to do something against the disturbing mobile ringing during the lessons.
"Ok guys I am leaving."
These few words was enough for the students to do a small revolution. They realised that it could maybe not the best decision to answer calls during the lessons. Unfortunately you did it only once, but I thing that specific student learned something. And the rest of us also.
Sometimes students could work as a group, even if it is only against mischief-maker.
I would like to see also other lectors who do something against that group of students.

This time you are leaving for another reason... you are right most people think that the weather is better over there, then here. But I still prefer the weather in Iceland.

So I hope to see you somewhere, somewhen again... Good luck!

Fun at the University

Sometimes.. sometimes you are wondering what you are doing. I mean I sit there and ask myself "am I in the right course?". Not enough that I get confused by some teachers who want to explain me something that I understood perfectly last year (while doing the BEng). And now I have the strange feeling that I misunderstood it completely.

No sometimes there also this moments when you ask yourself "WTF is this guy doing in this course?".

Now I slowly understand why we have entrance qualifications in Germany. But I think that this tests will be adjusted to fit the economical thoughts in future. I mean there is no way to have courses with only a hand full of students, if the same lecturers could give lessons to huge courses with more then just 6 students.

Good by education and welcome silliness!

PS. Congratulations this is my first blog posting in english :-)