Private (english)

Idiotes are everywere

Hm that’s strange, I was looking fore some information about Suzanne Vega.... you know the singer who did “Tom’s Dinner“ the ultimate test for the now standard music format MP3.

And what did I found?
A good reason not to go into movies with Russell Brand anymore. Not that I liked that guy before, but now he is definitely on my personal black list. I mean there is a line not to cross and the line is fare before what he did with his prank calls to Andrew Sachs. It already happened 10 days ago, but I just read about it, I’m not in town right now. :-/

So in general I hope for Georgina that every thing will soon be OK again. OK as it can be after something like that.

Greetings to you and keep on with your nice work!

Strange day

That was some kind of strange day.
While I picked up my temporary ID yesterday, I was told that my airline won’t accept it. So I had to check that.
And what should I say? Yes, it will be accept!
So happy as I was, I went to the meeting of the local Mac User group and I was a bit surprised. It sounded like most of the familiar faces won’t be there, the next meeting will be next week, and normally that is to close together.

But all of the regulars were present :-) So a big greeting in their direction! And also to the guests from outside of my lovely hometown.

New ID

Yeah, I didn’t had to wait too long to get my temporary ID. It was a bit strange, I mean if you have to explain the people behind the counter what kind of products they have.... Anyway, I got what I needed, and it was delivered without any problems.
And now I have my new temporary ID.
But I’m a bit afraid, the woman told me that this won’t be accepted by the airline I want to use to get back to the UK. I don’t want to check that today... I have enough time for that tomorrow.
So greetings to a very friendly woman in the ”Service Center” who will have a trip to London on Saturday.


Two glimpses that meet each other in the tube.
Meaningful glimpses.
A bashfully smile on both lips and an implied nod.
Two people who meet each other in the tube, but no person other then themself should know it...
Noone should ask wherefrom, why or since when.
And somewhat later on the big grin...
Yes, she was the one and we recognise the opposite...
Next time we will have a talk...

... but probably that won’t happen anymore.

Greetings to you :’(

Back to London

Every journy has to end somewhen, so today is the day for the flight back to London. Tomorrow is my last chance to see my lab supervisor befor he goes on holiday... so good by Germany and welcome London :-)

Tower Bridge

Ok I am in London for more than a year now, but today was the first time ever that I had the change to see this.
Tower Bridge offen

Moon rise

There is always a beautiful view from our flat. It just depends on the direction, time and the weather.