Report done

Unfortunately I cannot submit my Report as a plain PDF file or something so I had to fly to London and to spend some time there. Every regular reader knows how disappointed I was to come back to London ;-)

No serious there is something I didn’t expected. My pizza dealer on the Stables market in Camden Town, closed his shop. He told me that, but I expected that only he quits. Hmmm... one of the reasons for him was the building site there. I checked the pizzeria, but.... you know.... It’s not the same.

What else? I spend 200 quid in the local binding store for all my documents. I also wanted to have some additional prints for myself. That’s why it was so expensive. Compared to a friend of mine who spend 35 euro (28 quid) for more than 1000 pages, in Germany, that was fuing expensive! So nobody should expect that studying in London is cheap.
But I was able to hand in my report on time. A fellow student, who is working there, told me that next week will be somethings like a hell week again. All the MSc students will come and want to have print outs on the same day. Possible one week before, but not in the last week before the hand in date. And as every year, it will be a total surprise for all the students. I still cannot understand why none of them is trying to get information about a possible problem like that before.

So that’s it for now. I need a little bit of sleep before I have to surprise some friends.