iPod Touch (part one)

Aaaaargs. I bought the Touch only because I needed a new MP3 player and the 16GB Nano was not available in the Apple store in the Regent Street. I don’t like that think. I knew it before I bought it, but I hoped that it will change after some time.
So what are the reasons for this “I don’t like it“? I learned that you have to explain it and it is not finished after you say “I don’t like it“.

First of all I’m using Microsoft based Pocket PCs (PPC) since... hmpf since ages. My first one was a Casio Cassiopeia E-15. Which was a nice device when it came out (somewhen before 2000) and I bought it that early. So I have some experience with PDAs, especially because I had 2 others after that, did some research for my university and my final year project also included a Pocket PC.

So let me start a comparison with my first Pocket PC (or Palm-PC that’s how it was called at that time). My E-15 had two AAA rechargeable batteries. Even all later PPCs had changeable batteries, but not this crappy Touch. If the battery is empty, then you are doomed. There are some third party solutions, but I prefer original equipment.

Buttons. Ok the touch finally got 2 additional buttons for the sound (louder, quieter), an “home button“ and the power button. Good, but something like a joystick would be nice. All PPCs I know had one and sometimes it is nicer to have a button, than to use your fingers (or a pen) on the display.
Oh and it is fare more nicer to work with a pen (optional) on the display, then always with a finger. Just imagine it is cold, really cold or you have sticky fingers. Hey every pen or even a tooth picker would work on a PPC, but not on a Touch.

Memory cards. If you use your digital camera you want to see the pictures on a bigger screen. Good a PPC doesn’t have a screen like a laptop, but it is still bigger than a digital camera (at least if you don’t compare it to a Ricoh RCD-i700). Anyway, there is no way to use your Touch 2G as a display. With a PPC you could simply put the SD card into the PPC and that’s it. Even if you use a Compact Flash Card (Yes I like them!) or something else, there was always a way to use every kind of cards in my Pocket PCs.

Extensions: My Pocket PC had everything. The ability to use USB devices, an external keyboard, 100MBit/s ethernet socket, WLAN, Bluetooth, analog modem and 6GB of exchangeable storage on two cards. Ok that was the final collection of additional stuff for my final PPC (HP iPAQ 2210), but it works. I was also able to use any kind of memory cards, USB thump sticks, PCMCIA cards and I also used a 10GB external hard disk with it. And the Touch? Nothing like that. 16GB memory, WLAN and a proprietary connector. That’s it.

So give me some time to play around with the software, but I guess that is also crap.